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The CRM module is first and foremost developed to help you keep track of all your interactions with customers, suppliers, partners and prospect.
Connect your employees and you can share information, delegate tasks and keep track of yours and their calendar.
Remotia CRM will help you in organizing the collection of the company data in a central place. This means that you will achieve visibility as well as control thus saving time on administration and focusing on the development and expansion of the business.
With this simple step you will easily mange the relations of the company ranging from the first potential customer to the last accounting step.
Remotia has a solution that is designed to offer you 100% mobility and you can easily access the system and log in from any computer. This means that you can easily work with it whether you are at home, in the office or if you are travelling.
You do not need to get to a specific computer to check status or create a newsletter because all you need is an open browser.
Remotia allows you to customize it according the needs of the company. This means that you can easily add or remove modules to fit the structure and the size of the company.
When using Remotia CRM you will only pay for the reference tools and the technical support you use.
With it you will benefit from
No hidden costs, No set up fees, No support charges, No service fees & No long-term contract
It is known that the staff and human factors are the main security risk in the traditional IT management and to prevent this, the system will create three daily backups.
With a central solution you will be provided with various levels of protection such as:
Protection against computer viruses and intrusion, Secure Communications, Automatic backup and Secure enterprise data

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