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Flash Movie to Image Converter

Flash Movie to Image Converter is some kind of movie player. When you do the conversion, you can enjoy the added movie files.
Features of Flash Movie to Image Converter:
1.Support all the Windows system both in 32 bit and 64 bit.
2.Support the variety movie file format to image file formats like,SWF to PNG.
3.Allow previewing the original flash files with different adjustments on the preview panel.
4.Support the batch conversion.
5.Support the different compression mode of the images, e.g., LZW, JPEG, FAX, RLE, JPEG 2000, BZip, Group4, Lossless, Zip.
6.Support the different dimensions and orientations of the images,the images can be resized and reversed in the horizontal and vertical directions, moreover, the images can be rotated flexibly.
7.Need Adobe Flash Player Plug-in installed when do the conversion.

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