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Keyword String Generator

Likeoffice Keyword String 1.3 is a unique tool that generates keyword string combinations of Notions out of list of relevant keywords. It is used mainly for Internet Marketing Campaigns, like Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo etc'.
Every created Keyword String is composed of two elements:

Fixed Keywords:
Each Fixed keyword may come in a different line. In case there is more than one keyword in one line, it takes these keywords as a phrase. They may come with parentheses or commas. For example: "excel 2007" – the phrase "excel 2007" will be part of all keywords string combinations.

Each Notion may come with unlimited Keywords. For example, Notion of dog may come with these relevant keywords: dog, dogs, animal, animals etc'. It gives you the alternative of representing one notion in many keywords as you wish. No two keywords from this section will appear in one Google Keyword String.

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