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Drumlin PDF Writer

Drumlin PDF Writer - print from any program to create PDF - then use Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher to publish secure (strongly encrypted) versions. Drumlin PDF reader/Publisher if also free. It includes facilities to create time limited documents, extensive print controls, complete security against copying - witha full Digital Rights Management service.

Drumlin provides a unique, cost-effective and highly secure PDF publishing system for any organisation or individual with private or valuable documents to distribute. It provides a free PDF reader/publisher and free PDF writer, together with a central Digital Rights Management (DRM) service. Click here for a PDF explaining more about the service (the "Welcome" document).

The Drumlin software is free and easy to use. It is also truly secure, offering extensive document copy prevention and document security, unlike most other PDF reader solutions - secured documents cannot be copied from user to user or PC to PC.

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