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IM Video Image Capture

IM Video Image Capture is a incredible video image capture software, you can easily capture any frames from any videos (with free DirectX™ codec).
Most video image capture softwares just capture pictures from videos, but IM Video Image Capture will not only capture them, but also manage these frame images captured from videos with built-in image library, category and item are used to make images management better organized.

* CAPTURE, capture any images from any videos.
* MANAGE, manage category and images with built-in image library, you can create, edit, delete them.
* PLAYBACK, play any movie videos with the built-in media player, supports play, pause, stop, step and locate.
* VIEW, view images with the built-in image explorer, supports forward, backward, zoom in, zoom out and save.
* SAVE, save images as 24-bit bmp, jpeg and png images.
* EXPORT, export images under category to folder or album.

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