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File cutter software is used to divide huge file into various small files as your needs and also combine these files and get previous file without any data failure. It support all type of file format i.e. ZIP, RAR, EXE, MIDI, MP3, AVI, JPG, GIF, DOC, TXT, MPG, TIFF, BMP and many more audio video formats into numerous small custom size and software has feature to rejoin again them. Many email set the limit of size on the message. Need to mail a file that is big than the maximum size limits you may Split them into piece small than the limit and email those individual pieces. File cutter program cut very large file into smaller parts and join them back to get original file. Partition tool provides easy and reliable partitioning and joining. File divider application can be used to split files to multiple chunks as well as to merge multiple chunks into a single file. File splitter is a Windows program that will break any file into pieces of any size and later combine the pieces to form the original file. Sometimes it's easier to split up a large file than to transfer or back up the whole thing. File splitter merger is a utility that does just that, as well as adding joining combining split files.
Key features:
* It support all type of formats of audio video application text like ZIP, EXE, MP3, AVI, JPG, GIF, DOC, TXT etc.
* There is no need of other software supporting tools.
* It works on Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, both x32 & x64 platforms.
* Divide break split cut single file into multiple parts and combine add merge append join multiple files into a single file.
* It is very speedy, easy, simple and effortless software.
* File breaker and joiner has powerful features and very attractive user friendly GUI.
* File split program divide huge files into smaller parts and merges it back to get original file.

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