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File Security Wiper

File Security Wiper is easiest and fastest way to securely delete (or "wipe") sensitive files from your hard drive. You can be assured that once you delete a file with File Security Wiper, it will be gone for good, cause data will actually be overwritten several times using specialized methods to prevent data recovery software from being able to undelete the file.

* Maximum level of protection
* FAT and NTFS file systems support.
* Wipes files using several selectable fast or strong erase algorithms
* Ensure their total unrecoverable elimination
* Use strong erase algorithm - high security military method
* Wipe 3 times each file (unreal to recovery files from disk in any magnetic laboratory
* Support shred (erase) all files directories (recurse subdirectories)
* Using military methods (identical with military file shredder software)

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