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SID DVD Player

A powerful and easy-to-use program that allows you to play your favorite DVD movies. The application has a user-friendly interface allowing you to play DVD movies easily. By using this player, you can grab snapshot and save it to the clipboard. You will be able to grab snapshot and save it as an image and grab snapshot and save it directly as wallpaper. You can also set how you want to set the wallpaper (Tile - Stretch - Center). Using this player is so simple, To play a DVD just select the DVD drive you wish to use by pressing the DVDs button. You can use the menu buttons as well to use the DVD's menu. Use the media buttons to have full control over the movie. In the Options dialog you can choose one of the available languages. You can physically eject your DVD, alter the volume, switch to full screen mode, grab a snapshot or enter to the Options dialog. Also you can set how you want to save your snapshot. If you're experiencing poor video quality, you may use the hardware acceleration to improve it. You may turn the Auto Play option on to add a command to the context menu for your DVD, as well as adding the software to your Auto Play list. You are allowed to disable screen saver to watch your movie without being interrupted. The software is one of the most powerful and efficient applications ever used to play DVD movies. And it is totally free, You can download it now.

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