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DSPlayer is a powerful All-in-one Mediaplayer which plays your mulimediafiles in the highest quality possible on the PC. It is powerful, skinable and easy to use. Some of the main features are: Support for all popular media formats, DVD Front-End navigation using any DirectShow compatible combination of DVD Decoder filters, DVD playback from hard disk, Preferred, DVD Menu Language selection, DVD playback from hard disk, Preferred DVD Subtitle selection, Chapters support, DVD Autoload, Multiple play speeds, Fully skinnable user interface incl. costum shaped forms, Multilingual, Playlist (sort, crop, randomize, etc.), Drag'n'Drop, Fast forward and fast rewind option, Audio Crossfader, 10 Band Equalizer, Shoutcast playback, Radio stream ripper, Screensaver and Standby control, Almost every action can be assigned to user selected key, Support for multiple audio streams and switching between them, Plugin support for DirectShow Filters, Ability to override Audio Output to any supported sound device, Selection of different VideoRender modes, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue control, Custom aspect ratios and many more! DSPlayer have won multible Awards (http://www.dsplayer.de/dspweb/awards/). Visit www.dsplayer.com to get more information.

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