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SoundTrackComposer is the soundtrack-making software with everything you need to create soundtrack for your next movie. It is both step sequencer, VST-host and music notation software. SoundTrackComposer is easy to get started with and it is a very useful application for video and music makers. Create, compose, edit and finish your soundtrack with SoundTrackComposer.

The program can automatically generate instrument melody, chord progression, and bass line with different music instruments. SoundTrackComposer also contains a music notation module and a built-in text editor which can be employed to create lyrics for the newly written soundtrack. SoundTrackComposer contains everything you need to create soundtracks, record and play audio file and add lyrics to Wave, OggVorbis, Wma, Mp3 and MIDI files.
Supported audio file formats: Wave audio files, OggVorbis audio files, Mp3 audio files and MIDI files.

Quick compose soundtrack with a mouse click.
Export project file to MIDI file.
View the MIDI file music notation.
Add lyrics to MIDI file.
Create instrument melody.
Create chord progression.
Create bass line.
Load drum beats from the drum beats library.
Create your own soundtrack including song lyrics.
Play and record song, using midi keyboard.
Playback any supported audio file.
Load Windows 32 bit, VST 2 and VST 3 audio effect plugins.
Improve the sound quality using the 10 bands equalizer.
Record Wave Mp3 and OggVorbis audio files.
Record vocals using microphone.
Record streamed audio data.
Write and edit song lyrics in the song lyrics editor.

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