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Sort Pictures, Sort Photos and Sort Images - with automatic picture sorting software. Sort pictures everywhere - Download picture sorter at SortPictures. Sort Pictures - on Cameras of ALL models:
~ Sort photos on Aigo - DV series, digital cameras and camcoders and other digital products
~ Sort pictures on Canon cameras - Ixus, Powershot compact cameras, and Digital EOS/Digital Rebel DSLRs
~ Sort photo files on Casio cameras, Exilim compact digital cameras
~ Sort pictures on Fujifilm cameras, FinePix compacts, and FinePix Pro DSLRs in collaboration with Nikon
~ Sort pictures on GE / HP / LG cameras
~ Sort pictures on Kodak cameras, including EasyShare Z-Series (Performance), M-Series (Style), C-Series (Point & Shoot) compacts. Zi-Series (Style), Zx-Series (Outdoor) HD Pocket Digital Video Cameras
~ Sort photos on Leica, including C-Lux, D-Lux, V-Lux, and the new Leica X1 compacts, S-series DSLRs, and the digital rangefinder
~ Also sort pictures on LG / Mamiya / Nikon, including Coolpix compacts / Olympus / Panasonic, including Lumix / Pentax
~ Sort pictures also in the photo collection, sort pictures on SD / SDHC / SDXC and Other memory cards
Sort Pictures, LLC is the picture sorting software development company. It creates software to sort pictures, sort photos and sort images. All photos, pictures and images can be automatically organized. Picture sorter can:
~ Sort pictures, sort photo files, sort images and sort graphic files
~ Organize photos, organize pictures and organize image files
~ Rename photos, batch rename pictures and rename photos according to tags
Sort pictures - everywhere:
~ Sort pictures on Hard disk drive
~ Sort picture files in the Picture collection
~ Sort photos on Camera (Canon / Nikon / Sony / Panasonic / Fujifilm, etc.)
~ Sort photos on Memory cards (SD / SDHC / SDXC / MMC / Flash / SSD / Other memory cards)

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