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The Chordpad is a text notepad that automatically recognizes guitar chord notations (like Am, C, D7) in a song text. Then it shows fingerings for every used chord.

Chordpad is a handy chord notation tool to learn your favorite songs and improve your chords' knowledge. Just take a text file with a song chords (noted as Am, C, D7, etc) and open it in the Chordpad. Then you will see all used chord fingerings just in the song's text. The small icons in the text remind you the chords during your play.

And chord table at the bottom will show you all variants of chords fingering in tab style (in a form familiar to Guitar Pro users).

Advanced features:

Embedded mp3 player to train songs play.
Automatic mp3 load when text file of the same name is opened.
Customizable fonts and interface elements.
2000+ chords fingerings in database.

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