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Advanced Audio CD Ripper

Advanced Audio CD Ripper is a powerful ripping tool with unique Click Noise Removal technology. Multi-drive support allows you set batch-mode ripping for up to four CD-ROM drives in packet mode. Includes innovative SMART and FORCE error correction algorithms by XFilez Inc. With a Click Noise Removal technology you can avoid appearing of the click noise effects in the files extracted from the Audio CD. Features intuitive multilingual interface, an impressive MP3 encoding speed. Supports LAME MP3 encoding interface, ID3 tags, FreeDB. L Intuitive multilingual interface L Multi-drive batch-mode ripping L Innovative SMART / FORCE error correction algorithms L Direct ripping to WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WAV PCM formats. L LAME MP3 encoding interface L ID3 tags L FreeDB

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