Pitch Shift in Speech & Audio signals Screenshot

Pitch Shift in Speech & Audio signals

GritTec's Pitch shift is used for pitch scale modification (changing the harmonics structure) of an speech and audio signals. Pitch shift technology can be effectively used for changing initial music or voice into another music or voice (audio-speech effect).

- High sound quality;
- High robustness;
- Guarantees fixed speaker position for stereo signals;
- Pitch-stretch (time-scale) factor: 50%, ..., 200% (normal speed: 100%);
- Dynamic mode changing of pitch stretch factor;
- Easy integration with target applications.

SIGNAL REQUIREMENT (Supported format):
- Windows PCM, 8, 16, 32 bits linear;
- 8 bits A/mu-Law PCM encoder;
- Microsoft ADPCM (MS ADPCM);
- Microsoft ACM GSM 6.10 (ACM Waveform).

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