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Downloading PlasmaVis 1.1

PlasmaVis is a set of three programs that will produce random graphic visuals based on your sound input. PlasmaVis installs a “visualizer” plug-in into Windows Media Player, along with a stand-alone visualizer, and a screen saver. These three utilities will transform the sound that comes into your sound card into colorful graphics.

The Windows Media Player plug-in will use the music you play through this program as the input for the graphics. The stand-alone visualizer and the screen saver will use any sound coming through the microphone, or (if no microphone is present) from internally generated data.

The demo version of PlasmaVis will not let you use the configuration dialog that comes with the three programs. All settings are locked and cannot be changed. The PRO version, however, will let you choose the size of the particles being shown in the graphics. You will also be able to decrease or increase the sensitivity of the program, which will change the animations shown. You will also be able to change the static text. PlasmaVis plug-in for Windows Media Player is guaranteed to work on Windows Media Player up to version 11.

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