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Vectir is an audio visual (AV) management application that lets you remotely control popular media or MP3 players such as Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player. It can also control other features of your operating system such as moving the mouse pointer, adjusting the master sound volume and shutting down your computer.
It works with USB infrared receiver devices such as the USBUIRT and Tira2. These devices pickup signals from most infrared (IR) remote controls and send them to your computer.
For example, you may setup the play button on your remote control to send a play command to Winamp. Every time Vectir detects that you have pressed the play button on your remote control, it will send a play command to Winamp.
Vectir also supports the infrared (IR) capture feature of the USB-UIRT and Tira devices. This feature lets you capture enough information about an IR signal to be able to re-send it. After Vecitr has "captured" an IR signal, it can then be re-sent. This means that you can use your PC as an IR remote control and send commands to your TV, DVD player etc.

Features :
Use your remote control as a wireless mouse pointer
Shutdown, standby or logoff your computer with your remote control
Adjust your computers master or wave sound volume
Setup different profiles for the same remote control to target different applications
On Screen Display (OSD) - A special window that pops up to tell you when certain Vectir events have happened. You may also use it to tell you the name of each command assigned to each button on your remote.

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