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Absolute Bar Code

The Absolute Bar Code System was designed to give small business owners the ability to create custom bar codes for their products and inventory control purposes. Bar codes can easily be printed on standard address labels, from a regular desktop inkjet or laser printer.

Absolute Bar Code Features:

# Clean, easy-to-use interface

# Familiar spreadsheet-like format

# Store an unlimited number of bar codes for later use

# Common BarCode 39 format used in point of sale and inventory control software

# Bar codes are readable by all bar code scanners

# SKU’s up to 8 characters

# Optional printing of description and price directly on the label

# Preview of the printed bar code before you print

# Choose to print as little as 1 to as many as 30 bar codes on one sheet

# Option to start on a specific row and column for partially used label sheets

# Option to print a full sheet with one click

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