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Downloading COMFAA 3.0

COMFAA accompanies the Advisory Circular AC 150/5335-5B, “Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength – PCN,” and the COMFAA3_Support8-26-11A.xls spreadsheet. The new program differs from COMFAA in that external file manipulation is fully supported and the procedure for computing flexible and rigid pavement PCNs, as described in AC 150/5335-5B, is fully automated, requiring only that the aircraft mix, pavement strength, and pavement thickness be entered. See the advisory circular for more information on using COMFAA. A340-500/600 aircraft are not yet included in the internal aircraft library. They will be included when definitive belly gear load characteristics are provided to the FAA. In the mean time, please consult the Airbus airport planning manual to obtain ACN values or gear dimensions and loading.

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