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Dynamic signage has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more brands eagerly adopting this new form of digital communication. However, for some businesses attaining the software required to mobilise this solution can be more than a little tricky.

Barriers to entry include everything from business size to availability to the right tech to create digital signage, which can then be used to display information for customers or employees. The founders of Easy Multi Display bring around 15 years of experience to software development, with a hugely successful prior software, Vitrine Multimedia, which proved to be a big hit in its native France.

The software acts similarly to a DIY model, ensuring that it can be configured and ready to go in no time at all. There is no complex configuration to get through, ensuring that businesses of all sizes - from the very small start-ups right through to mid-size enterprises and larger companies - all benefit from access to this splendid new solution. Indeed, some of the software's existing customers include Airbus, Visa, and Unicef to name a few.

All users need to go to get started is set up their computer and television. With user-friendliness at its core, the software is also available at half the cost of competitor products.

While many competing products also use a cloud-based solution which requires an internet connection to function, Easy Multi Display does not - ensuring it remains affordable and infinitely user-friendly at every stage. There are also no hidden costs or monthly subscription fees to consider; just a simple one-off cost and users are ready to go.

Founded by two French-speaking entrepreneurs, the company is also capable of fully supporting English-speaking clients and companies for optimum accessibility.

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