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SWF to GIF Animation Converter

VeryDOC Flash to GIF Animation Converter also supports frames size customization, allowing you to set the width and height of GIF frames size before you convert SWF to GIF. In addition, with the help of VeryDOC Flash to GIF Animation Converter, you can set GIF frame rate, interval time, GIF replay times before you begin to convert SWF to GIF animation or animations.
Key features of SWF to GIF Animation Converter:
1.Produce a single GIF animation from a flash game, a flash cart, etc.;
2.Support batch production. Produce multiple GIF animation files from a bunch of flash games, flash games, cards, etc.
3.Support drag and drop. Users are allowed to drag and drop the selected flies to the list box to add the files.
4.Allows users to view each original input file by clicking the filename in the list box of the interface. When users click the file name of an input file in the list box, they can the view the corresponding file on the left side of the list box.
5.Support GIF frame size customization. Users are allowed to choose retain the original frame size. They are also allowed to change the frame size when they produce GIF animation from flash.
6.Allow users to preset the frame rate. The frame rate can range from 0.01 to 100 frames per second.
7.The interface of VeryDOC SWF to GIF Animation Converteris user-friendly.

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