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Sicyon is all-in-one scientific calculator for every student and professor, researcher and developer. The core of Sicyon is an expression (VBScript/JScript) calculator with features as: estimate a function using variables, user-defined functions and Sicyon objects; plot/tabulate a function; solve an equation, minimums, maximums and definite integral of a function; fit a function over data set; sophisticated units converter; database reader with various physical and chemical constants; matrix operations; set of plugin tools.

Features :
- calculate the value of a math expression using variables and user-defined functions.
- easy access to user-defined functions (VBScript™ or JScript™ languages ) by buttons organized in function boards.
- 'Program mode' allows you to execute pieces of VBScript™ code in the main window.
- a board browser for easier access to the boards and their content.
- plot / tabulate a function in Explicit or Parametric mode.
- find real roots, minimums, maximums and definite integral of an expression in a given interval.
- curve fit over data (non-linear regression)
- customizable HTML reports for all math procedures.
- use a sophisticated units of measurement converter.
- search in tables with various physical and chemical constants arranged in data boards.

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