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convert Access To MySql Wizard

Access-MySQL Wizard is an automation tool that can convert any Access database to MySQL and vice versa ,it supports converting Table Relationships, the very essential feature that has always been missing in MySQL Converters world. Access-MySQL Converter, also provides you with a granular control over the conversion process like scheduling of conversion tasks ?field selection ? renaming of tables during conversion ,Command line support, Full support for different Character sets supported by MySQL 4.1 or higher ? Ability to save conversion tasks for later use ? Task Manager is a new feature that allows you to view and manage your saved conversion tasks ? Data Filters is a very powerful feature that enables you to easily create custom data filters to convert only records that apply to those filters ? Enhanced logging capabilities to keep track of conversion tasks ? Enhanced Special characters support. You can select to replace any special characters either in database structure or the records with any characters you need ? Enhanced Synchronization support. Access-MySQL Converter now can update existing records of the target database if the target table has any unique row identifiers (Primary keys or unique indexes) ? Totally new and enhanced graphical user interface

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