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VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac

With VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac, you can optimize PDF structures and compresses PDF pictures, graphics and objects while preserving the original file format and quality. When compress your PDF files, you can reduce size of image in PDF, reduce PDF font data size, and edit PDF description. In addition, it can also act as a safe guard to encrypt your PDF document by setting User password and Owner password.
Feature of VeryPDF PDF Compressor for Mac:
1. Support batch conversion.
2. Support compressing color image, gray image and monochrome image in PDF document.
4. Supply downsample types: Closed, Subsample, Average and Bicubic.
3. Enable to set downsample resolution in DPI.
5. Offer compression mode for image in PDF as Auto, ZIP, RLE, JPIG2, CCITT Group 4 and JPEG.
6. Supply three font compression methods: Embed all fonts, Compress fonts and Subset fonts.
7. Support to generate PDF/A file.

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