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LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool

Link building is still important in SEO. Getting new links, keeping the old ones in check, countless emails, negotiations, all these names to remember - your head is spinning. But hey, it's just something you absolutely have to do as an SEO.

Good thing you have a nice link building tool to handle this work for you. It automates the link building process, which obviously saves you time. But LinkAssistant has much more to offer. It is a smart and easy-to-use tool that assesses each link with the precision impossible to replicate manually.

LinkAssistant wears many hats; it is a link builder, trend analyst, statistician and a PR and sales manager, all-in-one. Getting high quality backlink leads and keeping in touch with link partners is his job, not yours. It also creates link directories matching your site structure and streamlines electronic correspondence with a handy built-in mail client.

LinkAssistant knows that reciprocal one way links are no longer enough to win the race. That's why it helps you build a sophisticated link network with 3 and 4 tiered link exchanges. That done, it proceeds to crunch the numbers and present the data to you in the form of reports, great charts and graphs, clear explanations and great advice. Save, e-mail or publish the reports on your site if need be or export your backlink data to plain text, HTML, SQL or XML formats.

LinkAssistant has already made over 12 000 lives easier by managing their links quickly, securely and effectively. Tune in to the guys in the know, download a 100% free version of LinkAssistant and see you soon on top of Google!

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