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QuickBooks Integration for X-Cart

QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager for X-Cart plugin which allows you to export your X-Cart products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks - well-known, powerful accounting software.

Addon Features you will benefit from:
...Export Products from Store Manager to QuickBooks
- creates Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or Other Charge entries
- optionally update Name, Price, Quantity and Description
- optionally modify only existing products, only create new ones or both
- map QuickBooks and store Products to avoid duplicates
...Export Customers from Store Manager to QuickBooks
- map QuickBooks and store Customers to avoid duplicates
...Export Orders from Store Manager to to QuickBooks
- create Sales Orders, Sales Receipts or Invoices - suitable for limited versions of QuickBooks
- filter Orders to be exported
- create Refunds
- export Taxes
...Import Products from QuickBooks to Store Manager
- create new Products
- update Stock/Prices

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