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Optional Auto–Redundancy - software will backup to another computer incase of network failure. When server comes back on-line software will update back to server. Optional use of Laptop computer to do remote purchasing or POS.
Liquor Store Features:
Auto Discounter for case lots of wine or liquor (Example: when customer purchase 12 bottles of 750ML of wine a 10% discount will be applied to all the bottles regardless of price of each SKU. Customer can set up multiple tables for different discount routines.
Inventory Reports show case lots (Master-pack) with remaining open units (Example: 12 cases / 6 Singles)
Inventory sold reports show sales by Unit of Measure and Gross Margin per sales type (Example: 6 cases @ $5.99 ea GM 42%)
Barcode Print Routine with enhancement for Zebra / Eltron printers using EPL2 language. Allows user to create their own barcode labels with varying information on them. Will require Zebra-Eltron Printers compatible with EPL2. Many labels supported. Check Cashing – Allows customer to set up buttons that will discount different check types, Match Bank name to Check Routing Number, capture customer information with Fingerprint ID and read State Driver Licenses then match customer information.
Optional Full Integration to QuickBooks 2003 using the QuickBooks XML interface. QuickBooks Certificated POS.
Kit Prorating Feature – allows customer to put in selling price of Kit and FastSell GoldTM will prorate the items that make up the kit to that price. However the price stays the same for those items when selling them by themselves.
PO's Can be sent through email to vendor.
Receiving with Handheld Device in Receive from Non-Purchase Order (Direct Store Delivery)
Import Routines
You can import Customers and Vendors
Routine to import updated inventory information
Screen resolution – All screens run at 600X800 without resizing. Makes screens appear faster and better looking
Kitchen/Remote 40 Column Printers

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