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HEHE stands for the HTML Editable Help Environment. It is a knowledge management tool but can be used in many additional ways, including:
Wiki alternative - no need for a server or an IT expert,
Help file creator - it can be used to create standard CHM files using a WSYIWYG interface - no external development environment is required,
Rapid Website prototyping - the Table of Contents Editor can be used to build a functional site map in seconds.

Key Features:
Easy to use - everyone that can use Word or Hotmail can use HEHE,
Zero infrastructure - no need for expensive hosting infrastructure and the associated support costs,
Stand alone - all the content resides in a one CHM file,
Can work online or offline - when online, synchronization is possible. Otherwise, you can happily work while you are offline,
Searchable - built in search index.

HEHE Standard Edition is designed for individuals. It allows you to create Windows HTML Help files simply and easily. These files can be used by other people just like a normal Windows HTML Help file.

HEHE Professional Edition is designed for teams and businesses. It contains all of the features of the Standard Edition, but allows the synchronization of the content to a central file system (E.g. a network share).

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