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Asset Manage Enterprise

Asset Management Software

* Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses
* Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own barcode labels.
* Calculate Monthly and Annual Depreciation
* Use the Asset Audit Wizard to find missing assets.
* Includes many useful reports. Create your own reports.
* Asset Manage is offered in two editions; the Standard Edition which uses a Microsoft Access? data file, and the Enterprise Version for Microsoft SQL Server? and other ODBC-compliant databases.
* Multi-User capable.

Asset Manage Asset Tracking Software Benefits :

*Track Maintenance and Expenses for each asset
*Calculate Monthly & Annual Depreciation Schedules
*Scan & Print Barcodes
*View your asset data in many different ways.
*Create your own reports and barcode labels
*Comprehensive Support for Asset Disposals
*Additional Features

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