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Bar Code System

Non-destructive barcode labeling and printing application for those who are seeking for cost effective, fast and simple solution for designing labels for various products and assets for enhancing security levels, productivity and decision making power in their organization. Business oriented barcode tag builder utility generates more informative labels, tags and stickers for unmarked, unnamed, mysterious products including cloths, food items, jewelry, candy, books, magazines etc. Reliable barcode sticker creator tool provides high range of interesting shapes (rectangle, ellipse, arc, line, sphere, circle etc), fonts (2D and linear) and colors (RGB color combination) to create new and unique barcode labels in less time period. Great 2D barcode image builder software import existing data for labels from Excel sheet, text file, graphics files, access file, html files etc and user does not required to retype information like dates, price, numbers, names etc again. Advance barcode maker program allowed user to export generated barcode images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and other graphic file formats. ISBN barcode system excessively and excellently worked with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows operating system including win 2000, 2003, server, XP, Vista and 7.
* Proficient barcode maker program has advance feature that incorporate user own designed images, clipart as well as photos with barcode labels.
* Affordable barcode tag producer application facilitates user to generate own style and size labels with having basic knowledge of computer.
* Economical 2D barcode label creator software embedded with exclusively different designs and label templates for barcode designing purposes.
* Truly powerful barcode ribbon maker tool allowed user to view all designed barcode labels before actual printout.
* Elite barcode generator utility saves all generated barcodes in various Windows application such as MS-Excel, MS-Access etc for future uses.

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