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iMagic Inventory Software Review - For Efficient And Cost Effective Inventory Management

If you are looking for inventory control software offering flexible inventory control and invoicing for Windows platform - iMagic Inventory Software is one of the most cost effective and superbly efficient program available in the market, today. The software has already received perfect reviews from a number of prominent independent reviewers like Brother Soft, Tucows or File Transit. iMagic Inventory will always make you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Now you will be able to create invoices quickly, because one of the best inventory management software is now available! iMagic Inventory will also allow you quick access to your entire inventory and client details. Some of the features that make it the leading inventory software now available are:

- Ability of quick invoice selection
- Automatic client database maintenance
- Reorder management and stock balance
- Bar code reader support
- Interactive reporting system

Another quality that makes iMagic Inventory a truly good choice is its wonderful expandability. Standard version of the product can be easily expanded and directly linked with MS Office applications like MS word, MS Excel and also MS Access. It is also possible to use the software with Microsoft's SQL Server.

Advanced access control and security is another prominent feature that makes iMagic Inventory extremely reliable. It will allow you to share a database with multiple users on a certain network but at the same time you will also be able control individual access to the database. This inventory management software will allow you to unleash the full potential of your business and without costing you a lot.

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