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Today the main competitor for all businesses is not fellow rival companies, but time. Each and every company today fights a battle with this precious resource. Hi-tech machinery, high-efficiency process management plans and advanced software are introduced to the market in order to help businesses win the race against time. Are you ready to defeat time? The revolutionary iMagic Inventory Software offers start-ups as well as SME companies a great opportunity to issue invoices, maintain stocks and conduct many other functions in a similar efficiency of cutting-edge inventory management software used by Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike many inventory control software, iMagic Inventory features an extremely high number of user-friendly features. This is the main reason for the positive reviews received from reputed independent reviewers like Tucows, UK Wares and Brother Soft. This exceptional inventory software, which is built for Windows allows you to create, update, add, edit and search sales invoices in seconds. The high-end software that updates the inventory of your products or raw materials automatically saves your valuable time and provides you more time to engage in important core business functions.

The expandability of this innovative inventory management software is amazing. The Windows OS supporting software provides direct access to the MS Office package making the lives of the users easier. Sending emails using MS Word or generating reports using MS Excel takes just a few clicks if you use iMagic Inventory in your company.
The time where you had to sit in front of your PC to access your inventory is long gone. The versatile iMagic Inventory Software offers remote inventory management allowing you to manage stocks from any nook and corner of the earth whenever you want. The multiple user access control system is perfect to share your platform with your company hierarchy in order to expedite and increase the efficiency of business processes.

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