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Page Turning Book Theme for Chinoiserie

China is a great country with an ancient civilization, its long history and civilization have made its culture attractive and profound. Recent years, there has been starting an Chinese culture agitation, now learning Chinese culture is a new fashion that millions of people from different countries follow.
This is a Chinoiserie style theme pack for page turning book design, it is released for both Page Turning for Office(Pro) and Page Turning for Image. With it, you can easily create Chinoiserie style e-book, e-magazine, photo album and so on, and it make your works full with Chinese cultural connotation. Don't ever miss this elegant theme pack and let's enjoy the designing of page turning book.
There are three different templates included in this Chinoiserie theme pack, every can download and apply them to page turning book design for free. And you can learn how to use it with the *.txt document which is called "how-to-install".

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