MxCalc 12c Screenshot

MxCalc 12c

A HP-12C Emulation on your Pocket PC.

~ Looks as good as the HP-12c.
~ Performs as good as the HP-12c.

Calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more. Ideal for real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business related work.


" RPN, Algebraic, Programming, Finance, Statistic Modes
" More-than 130 built-in functions
" Full Screen & Quick Stack Display
" Window showing all of the financial registers
" Programmable. KeyStroke programming- 400 Steps.
" Amortization
" Normal Distribution
" Cash flow analysis
" Bonds calculations
" Date calculations
" Statistical calculations
" Mathematical calculations

MxCalc 12 + MxCalc SE = $19.99 !!

MxCalc SE (worth $9.99) is the most comprehensive unit converter utility tool. A Unit
Converter(1000+ units & 10000+ Conversions), Scientific Evaluator, Loan & Amort. Calculator with complete chart of all months.

For more features of MxCalc Standard Edition click on the following link .

Note :- No other free offer valid with this combo offer.

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