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Personal Finances

Personal Finances is a freeware family finance manager for users on the move. Designed to run both on the desktop computer or from the USB flash drive, this application lets you enter transactions - incomes and purchases and see whether you live on a budget, or overspend. This application offers various reports to help the user analyze the budget in all details and pick out unnecessary expenses.

The beauty of Personal Finances lies in its remarkable ease of use. Beginners can learn how to track budget much quicker than with advanced online home budget programs. Making and maintaining the budget in the application is a matter of a few steps. The first step is to add accounts, such as bank account, credit cards, and wallet. The second step is to set up categories. It will allow the user to categorize and sort expenses and income and review financial information in a meaningful way through graphs. The third step is to enter transactions, in other words, everything you purchase and earn, transaction by transaction. Transactions can be identified by categories, family members, and tags. Thanks to the easy-to-navigate design, the majority of data entry and budget tracking operations is less than a couple of mouse clicks away.

Once the transactions are entered, the user can review the financial position using the summary view of all accounts. This application helps to see whether you live within the money your make. You'll see how much money you earn, how much you spend, how much is allocated to each member of the family and be able to determine the overspending categories that make the budget come out on the negative side and correct spending habits.

Personal Finances is freeware. Plus, there's another good benefit in this application - it can be run from any USB drive, which means you can track your budget not only at home but also on a journey. Simply plug the USB drive into any PC and update or review the budget.

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