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There is one major difference between a small hotel, a Bed and breakfast and a guest house, and it's more than just size or name recognition. The biggest difference between a large hotel chain and a smaller hotel is, large hotels always use automated reservation systems to track their guests. The majority of small hotels and Bed and Breakfast inns handle their reservations completely by hand, meaning much more work involved in the long run.

iMagic Hotel Reservation Systems Makes a Huge Difference

iMagic Hotel Reservation software is an affordable and ideal solution for small hotels, and Guest Houses because it is designed to simplify the booking process and allows for your guests to book their stay online quickly and easily. The software enables you to keep track of guests and helps you to know which customers are repeat visitors.
It is simple and easy to analyze reservation trends for future business needs, re-arrange reservations if needed and to allocate rooms with just a click of a button. You are able to note your guests' preferences, make notes of food allergies, record birth dates and special events to create a personalized and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Reservations Made Easy

Every time you make a reservation or a customer does, the room status is updated with the customer details into your database automatically. The system handles more than just bookings too; it also lets you handle payments from your hotel bar, laundry, meals or any other add on purchase; meaning you can offer more to your customers.
The system can track which guests owe money and you can export your guests' accounts to an Excel file or any other accounting software easily.

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