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Fox Manager BPA Free

Fox Manager BPA Free allows you to create a single business model in order to regulate, document and optimize your enterprise. All elements will be presented in the form of visual charts, tables and graphs, and they will be interlinked and easily manageable.

The free edition consists of the following modules:

1. Organizational structure.
This module allows you to create and visualize a tree showing the subordination of positions, companies and divisions.

2. Processes.
The main program module, which allows you to describe the work performed by the company in the form of visual diagrams of business processes by linking documents, entities and resources into a single model and allocating responsibility for performed functions among enterprise staff.

3. Employees.
This module allows you to keep track of employees working at your company and their contact information, as well as to store documents related to employees (copies of diplomas, personnel authorization assignment forms, etc.).

4. Roles.
Keeping track of freelancers, which cannot be entered in the staffing list due to the episodic nature of the work that they carry out (e.g., ISO 9001 auditor, member of the Certification Committee, etc.).

5. Documents.
This module allows you to store all of the enterprise's governing documents in a single database with visual search, description, sorting, distribution of responsibility and document status tracking.

6. Responsibility Groups, External Environment, Oral Information, Subjects, Software and Resources directories.
These directories allow you to more thoroughly and completely describe the enterprise's activity model.

The program supports a large number of databases, such as file servers (SQLite) or server (MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and others.)

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