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OpenMind 2

MatchWare OpenMind 2 is a professional Mind Mapping(R) software application that allows you to brainstorm and visualize ideas. Mind Mapping helps you organize complex ideas or processes to increase understanding, plan more efficiently and turn ideas into action faster. With one of the best integration to Microsoft(R) Office, OpenMind lets you capture the full potential of your Mind Map. Display your Mind Map in up to 5 interchangeable views (incl. Timeline).

Benefits of using OpenMind to build your Mind Maps:
- Very quick to build, organize and re-organize
- Can be expanded or collapsed to increase or decrease the level of detail
- Can be filtered to focus on a particular area or idea
- Can be linked to other maps
- Can be enhanced with external resources (graphics, spreadsheets, websites, links, etc.)
- Different map styles available
- 5 different representations of the data (including Outline, Timeline)
- Can be split in several pages instantaneously for legible printouts on any printer
- Easy to share via the OpenMind Viewer
- Easy to convert to other formats (Word, PowerPoint, HTML etc.)
- Can also be created by import from other formats (Word, PowerPoint etc.)
- Synchronization possible between OpenMind and external formats

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