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Today Timesheet suite is an integrated suite for time record, time tracking and time billing software. The Today Timesheet suite of products delivers a time tracking solution for professional service providers.
Simple Timesheet and Time Tracking
Daily, Weekly and Bi-Weekly time sheet
Billable and non-billable tasks
Time Entry Due/Over due/approvals pending Remainders and notifications
6 Types of customizable approver types (Administrator, Team Lead, Project Manager, Specific Employee, External Client, Employee Manager).
Tracking of different types of time records like standard, overtime etc.
Time off tracking, Time off request with fully customizable accrual engine.
Timer Control/ Stop Watch

Expense Tracking
Track expenses and mileage as common records
Mark expenses as billable, reimbursable
Full multi-currency expense tracking

Other Features
Mobile compatible (Web responsive layout)
CSV, Excel, Word, PSD Export and MS Project, QuickBooks Import/ Export
Full multi-currency time and expense management
DCCA/Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance with audit log
Fully rebrand able (Company awn logo, HTML customizable)

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