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SecureNotesTree is a notebook with data presented in the form of
an unlimited nesting level tree. Data security is provided based
on AES (Rijndael cipher). The main features include graphical
and text data input, text data search, capability of alarms
setup, export/import with Memo Pad, Read-only mode.
a.. Advantages of Hierarchical Data Storing
It is well-known that a man can keep in his memory and
apprehend simultaneously relatively small amount of information.
Therefore it could be said that hierarchical data organization
is closer to the native human perception than any other one.
SecureNotesTree allows creating records with almost unlimited
nesting level
b.. User Interaction
a.. Popup Menu
Users are provided with an advanced control over items
including deleting, renaming, creating a subitem in it. These
operations can be implemented using Popup menu only for one
item. When pressing and holding a stylus on the item for a
while, a user-friendly Popup Menu is displayed. The Popup Menu
minimum timeout can be set in Preferences.
b.. Drag&Drop
See details in help...
c.. Various Data Representation
Sometimes it is faster and more comprehensible to draw than to
describe something in words, for instance, a user may need to
draw a plan or sketch a simple chart. SecureNotesTree provides
capability of both graphical and text data input. User can set
an icon for each item and this icon will be displayed in the
tree near the specified item.
d.. Security
See details in help...
e.. Alarms
See details in help
f.. Additional Features
a.. Read-only capabilities
b.. Sorting
c.. Search
d.. Clipboard
g.. Interaction with external applications
a.. Export/Import with Memo Pad
b.. Memo Pad hard-button
c.. Sync with desktop
In the registered version the database is backed up to the
desktop during HotSync.
d.. Beaming
See details in help...

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