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Shop in the hand: this is the best solution for selling your products directly from your Pocket PC. If your business connected with Merchandising, Mobile trade, Car trade than this program is created specially for you! Now your job will become as easy as possible, you don't need to carry tons of papers in your case, one Pocket PC with Shop in the Hand installed and it is the same as you have a small supermarket in your hands.

Main Features
Make shows of your products directly in places where people are.
Products Database with ability of adding photos of any suitable format (jpg, bmp, png, gif) even animated gif images. Each product has its own page.
Categories and subcategories of products
Excellent Client Database with photos and personal page for each client
Cart, you don't need to remember what your clients wanted to buy.
Orders Database will help you to keep all your deals in memory, each order has its own page
Form necessary documents: Invoice, Sales Order, Customer Payment, Credit Memo, from data specified in an order
Search function, allows you to search your Clients, Categories, Products, Documents and Orders.
Print, send via email, look through invoices, estimates, receipts, payments, sales orders and credit memos directly from your Pocket PC or Desktop PC.
Logo samples included, or you can use your own. Images of all formats are supported - gif, jpg, png, bmp.
Sign your documents at once in a program or left sign field empty and sign it after printing.
Terms (Due on Receipt, NET 30, etc.).
Payment Methods (Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, etc.).
Export documents to HTML format for later printing or emailing.
Print HTML pages directly from your Desktop PC.

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