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Text Search and Replace Utility

Text Search and Replace Utility is a remarkable find and replace software tool developed to carry out find and replace and formatting tasks in multiple MS word files at one go. The software not only allows the user to carry out Find and Replace multiple words in multiple word files but also helps carry out different formatting tasks like – Changing cases, Underline, bold, Changing back color and fore color, strikethrough, superscripts and subscripts etc. in multiple files with aplomb. The software is studded with advanced features to carry out Find and Replace and Formatting tasks. Users just need a few clicks of the mouse for most operations. To carry out Find and Replace and formatting tasks user first needs to add files (Doc, docx, rft). For this user needs to click ‘add files’ button and select multiple files or click ‘add folder’ button to automatically select all files contained therein. Users have the option to remove any or all selected files also. The tool provides numerous formatting options allowing the user to carryout formatting tasks like- Changing cases, Underline, bold etc. This unique Batch Find Replace software can process word files in different formats and supports different languages like English, German, Spanish, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Gujarati, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. The tool also provides a Log file which shows all details about data processing. The tool is compatible with various windows platforms like Windows XP/Vista/2007/2008.
Utility of Word Find and Replace Softwares like this one is immense. Modern offices rely heavily on computers for conduct of work. These offices rely heavily on MS word and excel for data processing and data storage. This necessitates use of word and excel addins. This tool is one such word addin assisting the users to Find and Replace text and carrying out formatting tasks seamlessly.

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