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Tweak PDF Converter

Tweak PDF Converter is a professional PDF edit tool for converting pdf to MS word form., like pdf to doc and pdf to word. With Tweak PDF Converter, it becomes easily to convert PDF contents onto editable word form with high accuracy. Besides, Tweak PDF Converter is capable of extracting part content from PDF file, such as images, text plain, ect.

Followings are the key features of this program:
1.Fast and Simple to Use
Tweak PDF Converter is easy and friendly, allowing you to convert in a few steps.

2.Batch Conversion
If you have batch PDF files to convert, you have no need to convert them one by one. With Tweak PDF Converter, you can upload multiple PDF files at once and with one click process multiple files at once to maximize time savings.

3.100% document preservation
Tweak PDF Converter recognizes rotated pages and its contents and preserves text, formatting, tables and images in the converted Word document as in the original PDF document. Text fonts and style, image placement, text columns, and overall document layout is preserved 100%.

5.Partial Conversion
Tweak PDF Converter provides the ability to specify a range of pages in a document. Useful for converting small sections within large documents.

6.Hyperlink & Bookmark
Retains PDF document hyperlinks beginning with http://, https://, ftp:// and ftps:// in the converted DOC or RTF document.

7.SuperScript & SubScript
Maintains PDF document superscript and subscript text in the converted document.

8.Non dependency on MS Word application
Tweak PDF Converter is a standalone program i.e. it does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Acrobat Reader installed.

9.Extract images
Extracts images from all PDF documents in a folder by creating same folder structure.

10.Header and footer conversion
Converts headers and footers as headers/ footers or as text in the document body. You can also choose to remove them.

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