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Reel Project

So you've got a digital camera and made a lot of photos. You also recorded a lot of videos using your camcorder. Now it's time to share your memories with others; create DVD from your digital files.

Reel Project is a DVD authoring tool that allows you to create slideshow from your JPG images with MP3 background sounds, and combine them with AVI and MPEG videos. With an intuitive interface, you can simply drag-drop files from Windows Explorer to compose your show. The resulted DVD will have animated menus, as if it was authored by a pro.

Using this tool, you can save a tremendous amount of time. No need to manually convert, resample, regenerate, mux, or other troublesome process. No need of different softwares. Say goodbye to command line tools. With Reel Project, you can make DVD with a few clicks.

Key Features :
Automaticaly creates slideshow from your images with Ken Burns and more than 170 transition effects.
Automatically creates template based animated dvd menus. Menus can be multipaged and linked correctly. All done automatically.
Can change video background sound to your desired MP3 files without extra processing.
Supports both PAL & NTSC, fullscreen and widescreen.
A powerful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG template designer.

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