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3D Video Player

3D Video Player is a powerful 3D software, which enables you to watch any flat 2D video of your choice in high-quality red cyan 3D format. On-the-fly playback in 3D mode starts after you click on magic "3D" button. After "3D" button is activated you'll be able to adjust 3D Shift and 3D Depth controls as you desire to achieve maximum 3D effect in your video. Put on anaglyph red cyan 3D glasses and enjoy your 3D video in 3D Video Player!
Why choose 3D Video Player?
1. It is a professional 3D player for all your "flat" 2D videos
2. 3D Video Player is the best 3D player for Windows with free trial version available for download
3. With this high-quality 3D software you can adjust such levels of 3D effect as 3D Shift and 3D Depth. Manually adjusting these controls will help you to achieve desired 3D effect of your "converted-to-3D" video
4. Conversion to 3D is on-the-fly, so you don't need to wait for the file to be converted. With 3D Video Player you're able to watch your regular 2D video in red cyan 3D format almost instantly.
5. The most cost-effective option for you to enjoy 3D movies and videos at home. You need only 3D Video Player and a pair of anaglyph red cyan 3D glasses to watch the converted videos, considering that this type of 3D glasses in particular is the cheapest one.
Get started for free and download 3D Video Player free trial. Enjoy all your favorite movies now in 3D!

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