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OSS DVD Video Image Extractor

DVD Video Image Extractor is a free powerful tool to easily and effectively extract or capture images from your favorite DVD-Video discs and save it on your local hard drive. You can extract one image while playing your favorite movie and also you can extract a portion of the DVD-Video.
1) Friendly interface.
2) Plays your favorite DVD discs easier than ever.
3) Captures single snapshots from the video.
4) Captures continuous snapshots to grab a portion of the video as a sequence of images.
5) Captures Timed snapshots every specific interval of milliseconds which can be set by the user.
6) Gives you a full control on your videos while playing like rewind, play, pause, stop, fast forward and turning audio on/off and a slider for setting the desired volume level.
Beside all of these features, it is free to download and install, has smart skin and compatible with almost all windows versions.

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