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SID FLV Player

Is a Professional and Easy-to-use software that allows you to play your flash video files. If you want to Download & save Flash files to your hard drive you can do that easily by using this software. The play Icon will play and pause the currently playing flash video file. Double Click on the player will Toggle on/off the full screen mode. The Sound Icon will change the volume or mute. By Clicking the item Open File will show you the standard open dialog to open the flash video file that you want to play ,if you double click a FLV file in the windows explorer, it will be played with the FLV player. Use this option if your flv file extension is associated with another program or does not associated at all. Clicking the item Replay will replay the current file from the beginning. Clicking the item Full Screen will toggle the player to full screen and vice versa. This software is the simplest way to play FLV files on your PC. You can play, pause, seek the FLV videos and also play them in full screen. This program is an easy desktop FLV player for the desktop Playback of FLV files with easy and flexible controls. And it is totally for free!

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