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Qditor V3

Qditor Set V3 contains Qditor and Qditor PIP. It can help you easily make cool videos with the most powerful editing functions and hundreds of built-in effects. Just enjoy making your video and share with friends now.

1. Easily crop and paste video and audio files.
2. Support camera capture / screen capture / screenshot.
3. Support to adjust and tune color property and add blur or mosaic effect partially to your video and picture.
4. Create your unique artwork with Graffiti function.
5. Free insert and overlap a variety of transitions, image effects, text effects, background music and sound effects.
6. Easy to download and import thousands of image effects from Qditor website.
7. Optimized recording function and delete original sound in video clip partially with mute function.
8. Professional text editing functions, including titles/subtitles / opening & ending.
9. Image watermarking function can free insert your own exclusive logo.
10. PIP is a multi-window video editor, drag the multimedia files into the editor window, edit the size and angle then you can create
multi-window video.
11. PIP also let you insert background picture and videos just like making news broadcast.
12. PIP supports border / FX effects, enter/exit effects and image distortion, shadow, etc.
13. PIP enables you to adjust video playback speed, the slowest to 2 times of the normal speed, the fastest to 4 times of the normal speed.
14. Support Full HD 16:9 output (1280*720px /1920*1080px).
15. Easily share your video to YouTube.

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