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Clock-on-Desktop is a fully flexible and highly customizable clock for desktop with skin and sound support.
It has a rich set of options and managements and this clock will look fine on your desktop.
It can display unlimited differently looking clocks in different GMT timezones. Each clock can show any timezone you require.
It has more than 30 skins: classic clocks, modern clocks, transparent clocks, Vancouver 2010 olimpic clock and much much more.
Advanced and easy to use alarm system helps you not to miss anything important for you. Unlimited number of
alarms and reminders can show multiple messages, play sounds and automate processes.
Customizable sounds like cuckoo and tic-tac and professionally designed skins are for you pleasure. Clock Labels help to keep your desktop clocks in order. Just add a city name like "New York", "Vancouver" or any other text label corresponding clock's time. The interface is fully flexible and easy to use - it is all to meet your requirements. Don't forget about click-through, allways on top, transparency and other properties.
It's the only fully flexible and resizable clock with a full set of features and at the same time it is really easy to use! Receive a complete control over your time with help of Clock-on-Desktop, both at home and at work.

- Simple and easy to use
- A considerable quantity of skins
- Appearance's full customization
- Support of timezones
- Support of multiple clocks in different timezones
- Convenient and easy to use system of alerts and notices
- Completely thought over and convenient interface
- A complete control over appearance and behavior
- Custom sounds
- Click-through, always on top, etc. clock properties

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