Sun Blast Screenshot

Sun Blast

Two of the most feared enemy races joined forces to launch the ultimate attack, known as "Sun Blast". Your mission is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat. Prepare for combat!

* Fast-paced arcade space shooter
* Mesmerizing visuals
* Top-quality music and sound effects
* Addictive gameplay
* Three main ships to choose from, each with unique look and behavior
* Lots of enemy spaceships to destroy
* Gigantic starships with powerful weapons, ready to blow up anything that moves
* Two enemy races to fight against
* Memorable battlefields, ranging from planet orbits to underground tunnels and infested military bases
* Multiple challenges with unlimited play time and medal award system
* Clean power-up system for weapon upgrades and shield
* Hall of fame, the place to be for best pilots

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