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ExtraMAME x64

Unleash the power of nostalgia with ExtraMAME, your gateway to thousands of classic arcade games right on your PC! ExtraMAME is a compact MS Windows GUI wrapper designed for MAME, the renowned Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator created by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team.

ExtraMAME is smaller, simpler, and more user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex configurations - ExtraMAME is compatible with all MAME games and doesn't require you to wrestle with tricky settings. This program is your ticket to reliving the glory days of gaming, offering support for iconic platforms such as 3DO, Atari, MSX, Namco, Naomi, Neo-Geo, Nintendo, Sega, Taito and more. Dive in and rediscover the classics with ExtraMAME!

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