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Adopt an aggressive strategy, or fall back with shields; fight side by side with your partner, or dare to go solo - it's all your choice in Multiplayer Euchre. This is an engaging card game for four players, in which two players of the opposite side form a team so that two partnerships are formed. The goal of the game is to score a total of 10 points or more by collecting the most tricks in each hand of play.
In this game, 24 standard playing cards consisting of A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 of each suit will be used. When a suit is named trump, any card of that suit outranks any other card of a non-trump suit. The highest ranking card is the Jack of the selected trump (a.k.a. right bower), followed by the other Jack of the same color (a.k.a. left bower), then A K Q 10 9 of the trump, and A K Q 10 9 of the leading suit according to the first played card in each round. Before the start of each round, each player will be dealt 5 cards. Then the top card of the remainder will be upturned on the table and will become the trump if any player calls. Starting from the player to the left of the dealer, each player has the chance to pass or to ask the dealer to pick up the upturned card as the trump. Once the dealer picks up the upturned card, the trump is set. Then the dealer puts the card into his hand and discards one card from his hand. If all players pass and no trump is set, each player will have another chance to call any suit except the one of the upturned card as the trump. If all players pass in the second round, the game will be forfeited and has to restart. After the trump is set, the team which called the trump becomes the attackers, while the other team becomes defenders. During the phase of setting the trump, an attacking player may declare "going alone" in an attempt to win the most points from a hand. However, "going alone" will remove his partner from the game, making it harder to win a trick. A defending player may also choose to defend alone against a sole

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